Partners for Power - Bolivia

Event Date: 
Monday - September 10, 2018 - 7am


The purpose of this posting is to inform those following our International program efforts of a significant setback regarding the Bolivia project planned for this September in partnership with NRECA International. The Michigan team that was set to travel to Bolivia in September received unexpected news from the NRECA International programcoordinators the ENDE, the local state-operated electric utility in Bolivia, have not signed the required agreement with NRECA International authorizing work on the proposed project. NRECA International indicated that it has been working toward authorization for some time, but there is no longer enough time to purchase materials and have preparation work done prior to our Michigan team arriving at the project site in September. NRECA International has proposed the Michigan team consider an alternate project and this will be evaluated between now and the end of 2018.

Alger Delta appreciates the support of its members who have been watching the development of this important international outreach event. Watch our website and Facebook page for more information as it becomes available.


Partners for Power is a project with Michigan Co-Ops who want to make a difference by bringing power to very rurals areas in Bolivia. 1 in 10 people lack access to electricity and Partners for Power Co-Ops want to change, along with your help! We as electric Co-Ops know a thing or two about bringing elecrticity to people who don't have access to it. After all, Co-Ops were the pioneers who brought electricty to rural Amaercia over 75 years ago when no one else would. This year's project is in Beni, which is located in the northeastern part of Bolivia. Only 56% of households and businesses have access to electricity in Beni. Communities in this region are not well connected to the rest of the country due to unpaved roads, many of which are impassable in the rainy season during the months of December to February. The climate is hot and humid and is one the wettest regions of Bolivia. The North Beni Electrification Project will electrify six communities located on the road between Riberalta and Guayaramerin in northern Bolivia. Due to the length of this project, several groups of volunteers will be needed to complete the entire construction. Michigan will be working to electrify the first two communities, Santa Malia and El Hondo. That will connect 35 households with 16 miles of line powered by 2 transformers. If you like more information on this amazing project or would like to make a donation to the Partners for Power Michigan you can visit