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Contained in this file are rates for the following services:

  • Street Lighting
  • Special Charges
  • Seasonal Residential Services
  • Large Power
  • Home And Farm Service
  • Dusk To Dawn Lighting
  • Commercial And Small Power Service

What members should know about the PSCR factor

What is the PSCR factor?

PSCR stands for Power Supply Cost Recovery and it is a charge – sometimes called a “factor” – that is applied to a members’ bill. The PSCR is a way for Alger Delta to fairly charge members for the cost of the fuel that is used to generate electricity. The cost of fuel for power generation and the cost of transporting fuel, especially coal, have been going up in recent years. The PSCR may be adjusted monthly to cover these costs. Most electric utilities include a PSCR or similar factor on their bills.

How much is the PSCR and who determines that?

Beginning in February 2009, Alger Delta’s PSCR is $0.0. Each year, Alger Delta conducts an analysis of its power supply costs to determine what the maximum PSCR factor should be. Alger Delta may then adjust the factor on a monthly basis, up the maximum amount.

Where can I learn more about the PSCR?

You can learn more by calling us at 428-4141 and talking to one of our customer service representatives, or you can email


What members should know about the Service Charge

What is the Service Charge and why is it on my bill?

The Service Charge is a monthly fee that is charged to all Alger Delta members to help cover the fixed costs of supplying electricity. Poles, wires, crossarms, transformers, hardware, trucks, vehicles, insurance, interest, and taxes are just a few examples of costs that Alger Delta must pay regardless of how much or how little electricity is used by our members. These costs, which are reasonably predictable, are distributed fairly through a monthly service charge.

Who determines the service charge?

Service charges and rates are determined through a collaborative effort between the cooperative’s members, the Alger Delta board and management, and advisors or consultants with special expertise in rate development.

How much is the service charge?

On October 1, 2010, the board of directors approved a service charge of $25 per month/per meter for residential, seasonal, and small commercial members.

What is the energy charge?

There is a line on your bill that shows the previous meter reading, the current meter reading, and the kWH (kilowatthour) Usage. The number under the heading kWH Usage is the number of kilowatthours consumed between the two reading dates. The number of kWH’s is multiplied by the energy rate to determine the energy charge.

What is the energy rate?

It is the charge per kilowatthour that you pay for electricity. For residential and seasonal members the energy rate is $0.149 (14.9 cents) per kilowatthour. There are other energy rates for other types of members. To find the rate, simply divide the energy charge by the number of kWH’s shown on your bill. Another way to find the rate is to call Alger Delta at 906-428-4141 and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Where can I find out more?

You can learn more about rates and tariffs, including service charges by calling us at 428-4141 or email