Pay Your Bill
Enjoy all the Upper Peninsula has to offer this winter!
The numbers could change due to litigation and other factors, but a new formula may require Alger Delta Cooperative—through its power supplier, WPPI Energy – to assume some of the costs for running the Presque Isle Power Plant (PIPP). The new formula will change every U.P. electric utility’s percentage of the costs to keep the plant open.

Alger Delta is very concerned about these decisions,” says Tom Harrell, Alger Delta’s CEO, “because we have been working very hard to keep electricity affordable and these events run counter to our efforts. However, Alger Delta expects any wholesale rate impact to be manageable for now and doesn’t anticipate any rate changes for members in the short term.”

Harrell says that Alger Delta is in a good position relative to these costs because they became a WPPI member in 2007. “I’ve said it before…joining WPPI was the best decision Alger Delta has made since the cooperative started, and our WPPI membership helps us face these kinds of events better than if we were on our own in the energy marketplace,” he explained.

A more detailed story on the PIPP situation is included in the Nov/Dec edition of Country Lines Magazine which will be hitting members’ mailboxes soon. Additional updates will be shared with co-op members as they become available.